Do you know what happened in Roswell in 1947? Actually, nobody knows for sure (well, except some MiB officials). But, I’m sure, you’ve heard about UFO crash landing, shooting, explosions, experiments over captured aliens and the top-secret level of everything connected with the incident.

In Alien Anarchy defense shooter you’ve got a chance to take a look at this situation from the other side. You will be piloting the spaceship and your head is hunted by the Earth soldiers. But We Do You Play studio, the developers of this epic game, provided you with the arsenal of 12 deadly weapons. So, your destiny is in your hands. Load, aim, fire!

As the game starts, you can select one of three characters. Armstrong: tough warrior, has the shooting power bonus, armed with a shotgun. Doc, the brain of the crew. He has the commerce bonus and is armed with a blaster. And, finally, Mr.Secret, the genius of stealth ops. He has the bow and the firerate bonus.

The earthlings at first send simple soldiers against you. But then local generals understand that you are good defender and the more advanced units try to take over your base. You’ll encounter armored soldiers, rocket riders, ninjas, tanks and even kamikazes! Also, at the end of each level the boss enters.

But you are not alone! As you earn more money and experience you’ll be allowed to hire henchmen. More of that, S3E3 repair droid will take care of the wall defense.

The more enemies you kill, the more loot you gain. At the end of the day sell it or transform into weapon mods. Attaching the mods to the weapon change the weapon’s performance drastically, unlocking various ways to the victory. There are total of 12 weapons and 21 mods. Try them all and have fun!

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