Do you like to play games? I’m sure you do, and it is likely that you played lots of them. For me, as a flash game developer, it is essential to know what’s new in this area, and I play much, too. And, most important, it’s fun!

Last summer I thought of creating a list of my favourite games. I reviewed some of them in the GameGemsOrg blog and created PlayGFG gaming portal to gather them all in one place (that site is constantly updated as I find another example of game design masterpiece). Currently there must be almost 200 games in the list. And another idea which came to me around the last New Year eve was to make a quiz game about these games, the real gems of the flash game development.

So, now I can proudly present Do You Know Flash Games? quiz. The quiz appearance is inspired by “Who Want to be a Millionaire?” TV show. You still have 15 questions of growing difficulty, 4 answers and 3 lifelines. They are 50/50, Ask the audience and Change the question. But the game has additional features which can make it much more fun than the usual trivia quiz.
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