We play lots of games. And last year we summarized our gaming experience as “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire”-styled quiz. But those 200 questions didn’t cover a tiny fraction of the games we like. And a number of new cool games have been released since then. So, it’s time for the new flash games quiz!

This time we went further than the classic trivia questions. In the new quiz, Hawkeye Gamer,  you will examine the game screenshots. The tasks are of five difficulty levels, named Beginner, Player, Advanced, Expert and Developer (making a point that no one knows their game better than the developer)
Massive update of our satellite gaming portal PlayGFG.com! Check lots of cool games there of any genre: strategy, shooter, defense, puzzle, launcher and so on. Some of them, like Reverse Boots, are brand new, the others, as Chat Noir, are already retro, but you’re guaranteed to have great time playing them.

If you liked our “Do You Know Flash Games?” quiz, there’s good news for you: its sequel is coming soon. The questions there will be about the games from this site update, so, play them and refresh your knowledge to gain the highscore later. Here's how the questions will look like:

Do you know what happened in Roswell in 1947? Actually, nobody knows for sure (well, except some MiB officials). But, I’m sure, you’ve heard about UFO crash landing, shooting, explosions, experiments over captured aliens and the top-secret level of everything connected with the incident.

In Alien Anarchy defense shooter you’ve got a chance to take a look at this situation from the other side. You will be piloting the spaceship and your head is hunted by the Earth soldiers. But We Do You Play studio, the developers of this epic game, provided you with the arsenal of 12 deadly weapons. So, your destiny is in your hands. Load, aim, fire!

Now, while all the gaming community are waiting for the release of Kingdom Rush: Frontiers, let’s remind how back in 2011 the product of small Uruguay studio made a major breakthrough in the tower defense standards and became the best game of the year.

Since the very first seconds of the game its graphics catch the player’s attention. The main menu depicts the scene of epic battle. Orcs are trying to break through the human defenses, but they are facing brave paladins, barbarians and archers. At the same time gargoyles’ air strike is countered by the wizards battle spells and dwarven rockets. This all inspires us to get to the action quicker.

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