Since the dawn of the mankind, war is the eternal companion of the civilization. Just remember the Egyptian war chariots, Roman legions, Crusades, various conquests and revolutions. This fact is reflected in the Age of War strategy game.

This game is the representative of another strategy sub-genre, let’s call it linear combat. There are two bases on the opposite sides of the screen. They produce units, which then attack the enemy base and all the enemy units they meet on their way. The player doesn’t control the army since it’s in the field. His functions are to define the troops building order, to place the turrets on the base and to use the special weapon.

Another successful flash game in the micro-world setting is Tentacle Wars strategy. It somehow implements the principle of sending the troops from your bases to conquer the enemies, but creatively alters it.

The colony of bacteria can stretch a tentacle, the length of which is determined by the colony's population. When the tentacle touches the enemy colony, the battle begins. The enemy can counter-attack sending his tentacle to stop yours. Both sides then will steadily loose their population, and the one who can stand the higher attrition, wins.
Do you remember the books you read in the childhood? I'm pretty sure at least one of them was about human-shaped letters who acted like humans. The flash game “The I of It” is quite like those stories, and, probably, it was one of the key factors of its success. Together with the creative level design, pleasant-to-hear narrator's voice and simple yet stylish graphics.

This is the story of unbelievable adventures of the letter I of the word It. The I's quest is to find his companion, letter t, in the world full of dangers, and find out why had t left.
I clearly remember that evening before the new year 2010 when I read Badim's post bout flash game development and monetization. There he told about JohnnyK's successful cannon series and about his own achievements. As I learnt later, reading of this post became the starting point for many Russian-speaking flash developers.

Among other statements there was a link to Badim's game Elite Forces: Clone Wars, which, he claimed, was made in less than 14 hours. I visited the link and didn't stop until I finished the last level.
The major flaw of the flash player from the developers' point of view is the support of only the left mouse button. But Ninjadoodle, the creator of the famous Clickplay series, produced a game where a variety of action is performed using just a left click.

The game is made in the Indiana Jones setting. You play as an adventurer who is proceeding through the dangerous dungeons. He encounters various deadly obstacles and the only way to cope with them is to press the left mouse button.
Popular flash games usually have juicy graphics and colourful effects. But sometimes the game conquers the players' attention without that, being just a pure gameplay. One of such games is the Ragdoll Cannon series by Russian flash game developer JohnnyK.

In 2008 JohnnyK published in his blog the story about his first steps in flash game development. He experienced the common problem of most of the beginner indies: as a programmer he was not a skilled artist. But he made use of this quality and drew all the game elements with a ball-point pen on a paper in an intentionally simplistic style. Then the scanned picture was used as a base for drawing in Flash IDE.

There are several games made in the noir setting. Most of them are quests or RPGs. But what would you think of the noir detective physical puzzle and platformer? As for me, I liked it lots! I contacted the game's developer, RadicalDog, and he agreed to give an interview. You'll know how will this story continue, what is the role of the invisible trousers and much more!

In the Man with the Invisible Trousers flash game you play as a member of the team of five detectives who fight crime everywhere they can find it. But suddenly one of them is dead and the other four are suspected. To solve the quiz you should, first of all, use your head, and run around much looking for the clues.
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