Do you remember the books you read in the childhood? I'm pretty sure at least one of them was about human-shaped letters who acted like humans. The flash game “The I of It” is quite like those stories, and, probably, it was one of the key factors of its success. Together with the creative level design, pleasant-to-hear narrator's voice and simple yet stylish graphics.

This is the story of unbelievable adventures of the letter I of the word It. The I's quest is to find his companion, letter t, in the world full of dangers, and find out why had t left.

You control the letter's movement with the arrow keys. Left and Right are to move, and Up and Down have the unusual functions. Pushing these buttons will change the I's height. Just imagine – no jumps in the platformer game, just getting taller and shorter.

Taking a closer look at the letter I you'll notice that besides the main vertical bar it has the top and the bottom horizontal dashes, too. They are useful for climbing. Just come to a place above which there's something like a hook near the ceiling, then grow, catch it with the top dash, and reduce the height. The letter will be hanging. Moving aside will release the grip, and the letter will drop down. While falling press left Left or Right and you'll land beside the obstacle.

The first several missions take place in the building. I walks along the corridors, goes by elevator, opens doors and even switches the gravity on and off. Beware the flying bombs and dangerous spikes. Before the bomb appears on the screen, you’ll get a warning indicating the threatened direction.

Later on, when I goes outside the building, the stage becomes more colourful and the tasks variety increases. Once you’ll have to pass the maze of hot wire (without touching the walls, of course), then you’ll find the fields which reduce or increase the I’s height regardless of what buttons you push. Once there will be even a darts game (then Space button will be used). And, after a flight on a balloon the mystery of the t’s disappearing will be solved and iT will be the happy reunion.

The I of It game is definitely wroth playing. Have fun!

And here’s the walkthrough for The I of It.

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