Can a great game be made within a few weeks? The answer is definitely yes, and the game King of the Rocks proves it. Exactly two weeks spent indie developer Massagames to create this addictive strategy game.

The game takes place in the world where people live on the tops of the mountains, far above the clouds. Some of the mountains even float. To reach the nearby settlements the squadrons of baloons are used. He who builds the largest army and conquers the neighbours becomes the King of the Rocks.

There are three types of settlements in this game: Castles, Academies and Windmills. Castles are your primary military bases. They can be upgraded up to the 10th level, and the higher their level is, the faster they produce the baloons.
Academies, while producing soldiers slower, have a special ability. The squadrons, which start their journey from the academy, have a much higher speed. It is often useful first to gather your troops from the castles in the academy, and then send them to attack your enemies. Academy can be upgraded up to the 5th level.
The money for upgrades is produced by the Windmills. The more troops are stationed in the windmill and the higher is its level, the faster your earn money.

Warfare is easy: click on your settlement to select it, then click on the enemy’s one to send a half of your troops to attack. You can select multiple castles by pushing the mouse button and dragging the mouse. Ctrl+Click sends all your army to attack. It is enough to have more attackers than the defenders to capture a mountain. Sometimes opposing forces encounter in the air. Then the stronger side suffers much less losses than the number of the weaker one.

While moving your troops from one castle to another, keeps in mind, that a settlements can maintain only ten times more soldiers than its level is. Is you send 35 soldiers to the castle of level 2, its population will be decreasing, until it reaches 20. That’s why it is essential to upgrade your buidings.

The soundtract harmoniously combines to the color scheme, it is fine and relaxing, and the laughter of the victorious king at the end of the level adds a nice touch to the game.


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