In the year 3012 the Galaxy is divided by two superpowers: The Final; Empire and The Eternal Tribes. Once the life on one of the boundary planets was wiped out by the neutron star flare, but all the military bases were left intact. The Tribes organized a raid to capture it.

The only force to stop the invaders if the orbital station with you the only survived crew member. Orbiting around the planet you can use various weapons to destroy the enemies. But be quick: if they manage to capture a base, the rocked aimed at your station will be launched. Of course, there’s always a hope of reinforcements, but who knows…

Your station has 8 types of weapons with various effects. To switch between the weapons press keys 1-8. Use mouse to aim and shoot.

The first three of them are available in all the missions:
1. “Nailer” cannon. Due to its small cooldown time you’ll use it most time.
2. “Flyswatter” missile. Has a wide area of damage, the bridges and tunnels don’t protect from its strike. Useful tip: having fired a rocked, don’t wait till it strikes, but immediately switch to “Nailer” and shoot with it. This will save precious time for you do defend the base. The same tactics is useful when using other types of weapons.
3. “Vulcan” six-barreled cannon. Strikes with a birst of fire along a line of enemies. Contrary to most of weapon types, to fire “Vulcan” you should not just click the mouse, but first press your mouse button, then drag the cursor to aim the cannon, and, finally, release the mouse button to shoot.

There are also weapons which don’t penetrate the enemies but perform an indirect influence:
4. “Zeus” Electromagnetic pulse generator. It reduces the bypassing enemies’ speed, thus, giving you more time to use your primary weapons.
5. “Armor-eater” nano-rust atomizer. On the mission 3 you encounter armoured enemies which are extremely hard to destroy. But if they pass through the cloud generated by “Armor-eater” module, they will become much more vulnerable to your fire (to indicate this their lifebar will become blue).
6. “Wasp” homing missile is a powerful weapon used against single hard-to-kill enemies.

Besides, you can lay minefields:
7. “Sower” remote minefield layer creates a round-shaped minefield which reduces the health of the passing enemies. Taking into account that enemies move on the roads, selecting such a place for a minefield that covers several of them is often a key for a victory.
8. “Barman” remote mineline layer lays a line of mines. Using it is similar to firing “Vulcan”. It is effective to use minefields together with “Zeus” speed reducer. Thus, the enemies will spend more time on the minefields and receive more damage.

Every kind of weapon can be upgraded. You can increase their damage, slowing ability, armor penetration, and (for beacons and minefields) reduce cooldown time and increase operating time. The currency for buying the upgrades is the station energy. Originally when the new mission started and the station hovered above a new base, its energy dropped to 0. But this feature wasn’t liked by many players, so, the developer decided to make the upgrades persistent in all the missions except the last, which is playen in the survival mode.

This wonderful defense game was created by indie developer, Alexander Porechnov. As he wrote in his blog, the development took him about a year (of course, with breaks). He started this project without knowledge ActionScript 3 and Flash IDE but having a 8-years experience in professional game development. The graphics in this game are so great that it is unbelievable that no professional designer was involved. The vehicles were designed in the free 3D-editor Blender, then rendered as vector , and finally edited in Flash IDE. The only pert of the game that was not made by Alexander is music. Its author is Vadim Chaliy. He created wonderful space-battle styled soundtracks, and the other sounds are by members.

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